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Gelberg AEC can provide various supporting architectural and interior design services that include conceptual and schematic design, design development and construction documentation, negotiating construction procurement and construction contract administration. Our team plans and develops the built environment by defining or discovering essential criteria required to successfully deliver on our clients’ expectations.  From programming the fundamental needs of a facility to corporate and asset sustainability, project management, quality assurance and final regulatory compliance – we will meet budget, schedule and design quality requirements and aspirations.

You get the client, we help you get the work done, from site measurements and photos, to cadd drafting and project management.

If all or part of the project goes out for bid, we can provide support services during the bidding and selection process.  Our familiarity with plans, either prepared by us or by others, allows us to respond to requests for information, clarify project scope, and help the Contract Officer discern which bids offer the best value, while helping to evaluate and ensure their expected performance – whether they represent a scope of work that will complete the project completely.

Often just a portion of a project, site or building, needs to be evaluated for acceptability and adequacy. We offer inspection services from structural, framing, to construction and utility inspections.  Based on inspection results, we can provide recommendations to resolve deficiencies, and coordinate with a Contractor to provide repairs or revisions.

At the end of these processes, the work will be deemed complete, and final conditions must be verified and documented to the owner and utility or jurisdiction inspection staff.  We have registered professional staff who are experienced and licensed to provide these certifications, either via as-built surveys, or certification statements.  Certification is often required prior to release of surety bonds put in place as a function of construction permitting.