We provide industry expertise to owners and developers who are either new to the process, unfamiliar with local regulations, or are well-versed in these arenas and recognize the value of the consulting professional.  We support project goals and can also offer third-party/peer /value-engineering review, even if another consultant is already providing design services.  We consult and assist on design/build as well as LEED certification and sustainability issues. We will be your preferred resource for overall or specific information or questions that invariably arise during development.

Determining what opportunities can and should lead to further investigation, perhaps resulting in development, is challenging but vitally important to ensuring success.  We can compare potential project goals to existing property conditions and determine advantages and disadvantages that might require additional investment of time and money to make a project work at a given location.  From infrastructure needs, to rezoning requirements, or property obligations based on development, we understand the costs attached to a particular piece of property or project. And while everything has a price, we can establish whether that price is too high, or makes return on an investment too low, or too far-flung to make the project feasible.  Armed with information we can provide through investigation, responsible and profitable financial decisions can then be made.

How a project might progress is driven by property constraints.  Determining where things go, maximizing output, satisfying community and agency expectations and meeting project goals must all be addressed during conceptual planning.  This process can even advance a Site Design process by answering design questions and identifying design problems and advantages.  We offer these services and are ready solidify your mental picture of the project in a fashion that can facilitate making it a reality.

Once construction plans have been prepared from site or SWM/BMP design, we have tremendous expertise marshaling these plans through local, state and federal jurisdictions to obtain permits to construct.  This process is often multi-faceted, but through conversation, iteration, and constant communication, our experience in this area, proves out in rapid approvals, and construction plans that can be built with fewer construction-related issues.  It is cost-effective to resolve issues during design while it is expensive to do so in the field during the construction phase.  While field issues are always possible, we account for most of them during design.  Construction plan approval is always possible for buildable plans.

We can provide construction-related services once construction commences.  From observation and documentation, to coordination of stake-out and installation, our field services can provide the developer “eyes on site,” to ensure project needs are being met and can be fully-demonstrated to agency field inspectors.  We can evaluate product submittals by the Contractor and, when appropriate, certify there are no issues with their use.  All these services are available as part of a suite of services or a-la-carte.


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